Heather Corbin

6) I'm a SUMMER loving girl who has to CHOOSE to find things about winter to enjoy.  In the summer I consider working in my  many flower beds  "dirt therapy".  In the winter I tend to hide indoors and do lots of extra baking and cooking.

7) I'm becoming a "cozy minimalist" as I work on living a life of less stuff!  We also live the Dave Ramsey life! 

8)  My husband is also self employed (as a ceramic tile and natural stone contractor). We love to support local small business.

9) I get really nervous getting my own picture taken.... so I completely understand when people come to sessions nervous!  I know how to help people get past the nerves and have fun.

10) My most favorite place in the whole world is HOME!  I don't mind travel... but HOME is just the best!

Photographer serving Lafayette, Monticello, Tippecanoe, White and surrounding Indiana Counties.

Get to know me a bit.... 10 things that make me who I am:

1) I believe in FIERCE love for my family because we have battled our way through many challenges: learning disabilities, bullying, health challenges, financial difficulties, career stresses, loss of friendships, and the hardest being a six year battle against leukemia with our oldest son. He is currently cancer free!!  (thank you Jesus!)

2) I am a Christian forever thankful to be living in the salvation we have in Jesus!

3) Photography has been a big part of my personal life every since I got my first camera at age 8.  I even took photography classes as electives while I earned my bachelors degree in Child Development and Family Studies at Purdue University.  Go Boilers!!  I'm a proud 3rd generation Boilermaker!

4)  I believe that young love can thrive.  I married my husband, of now 23 years, the summer I turned 20!!  We have four children, 3 sons and a daughter.  

5) I'm a country girl who loves living in White County just north of Lafayette, Indiana.  I've lived in town.... but my heart loves the quiet of the country.

About  me,
Heather Corbin

Heather Corbin