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What to wear for winter snow pictures

Taking pictures in the snow can be so pretty and so fun!!  They can also be really cold.  However, it is so worth it to push past the cold and get some really great pictures.

When you have your picture taken in the snow you have two options:

1) wear “normal” cute clothes and try not to look like you are FREEZING or

2) dress warm and be comfortable.


I’m all for dressing cute….. but I also HATE being cold!  It can be really tough trying to look warm and relaxed when you are really actually FREEZING!  So, my advice, is to dress warm, dress for the snow part and ENJOY it.  Embrace the cold, the snow and the winter look.  Why not just pull out that warm winter coat and all the cute winter accessories!




What to wear for winter snow pictures:

  • Warm coat.  Color can be good, it contrasts against the white of the snow making you really *pop* in the pictures.  Don’t be afraid to wear the big warm coat!
  • All the cute hats, scarves and gloves!  You know… the ones that look really great but you hardly ever wear.  Wear them!!  Not only will they keep you warm but are great accessories to a solid colored coat.  Colorful hats, scarf and gloves can dress up a plain coat as well as go a long way to keeping you warm.
  • Boots.  There are so many good boot options right now and can really make a fashion statement.  Boots really do help keep feet warm and warm feet are a good thing. Oh, Yay…. warm socks!
  • Sunglasses can be another accessory.  Sun reflecting on the snow can be really bright.


Have FUN with winter snow pictures.  Embrace the cold by dressing warm so that you can play in the snow!  Dress warm so you can be relaxed and not rushed.


These photos of Robyn were taken on a COLD, but not windy day.  Her long black coat, plaid scarf and tall boots worked great to both keep her warm and create a great outfit for snow pictures.  Robyn was able to be relaxed and not feel rushed to get out of the cold.  She walked away with a bunch of pictures she feels good about.

February 7, 2019

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Heather Corbin